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Expired Tesco Clubcard vouchers?

Expired Tesco Clubcard vouchers - a history

The short story: Tesco seems to be confused about its policy on expired Clubcard vouchers. As far as I can determine, you're basically best advised to take your best shot by phone and see whether you "get lucky". Far from the best way to keep customers happy, I'm sure you'll agree. An explanation follows...

Expired Tesco Clubard vouchers - the old policy

Previously, it was good news for ANYONE who thought they'd wasted their hard-earned Tesco Clubcard vouchers by letting them expire or by losing them. As long as they didn't leave it too long, Tesco was letting them have their expired vouchers back by recrediting the points to their accounts, from where they would be reissued as crisp new Clubcard vouchers in due course.

Following negative experiences reported by some of our forum members, I called Tesco's Clubcard helpline in September 2008 to seek clarification of their policy. I was told that Tesco would no longer reissue points for ANY expired vouchers. They would still reissue points for vouchers that were still valid but that had been lost or damaged, but that was now the limit of their flexibility.

However, at around the same time, other forum members were still reporting success as before. So what's going on?

About the Clubcard Voucher system

Tesco has a system that keeps track of individual Clubcard vouchers that have been issued to members under the Clubcard loyalty scheme.

Vouchers are issued with expiry dates set two years from the date of issue. So if your Tesco Clubcard vouchers are still technically valid but have been damaged or lost, you can call Tesco's free helpline on 0800 591 688 and they will arrange for the points to be recredited to your account. Those points will then be used towards calculating the value of your next set of vouchers. So far, so good.

Otherwise, according to what I was told, there was supposedly no longer a way for ANY expired Tesco Clubcard vouchers to be reissued.

Expired Clubcard vouchers - a confusing current policy

So why have some people still reported success with getting expired vouchers renewed? In December 2008, in an effort to get to the bottom of things, I contacted the man at Tesco who apparently knows all there is to know about the Clubcard scheme.

His answer was as follows: "I have been advised our policy remains as below. However as we are a customer focused business with around 14 million active Clubcard users there may situations where exceptions to the rule are made" [sic].

His "as below" comment referred to his preceding reply (in November) that: "We feel that a two year expiry on our Clubcard vouchers should give our customers plenty to decide how and where to spend their vouchers and do not usually make allowances on this point" [sic] .

Given his mentions of exceptions not usually making allowances, I suggested that this in fact sounded rather more like a case of customers getting pot luck and that it was surely inconsistent and unfair for some customers to have their vouchers renewed whilst others lost the rewards they'd saved for.

I didn't receive even the courtesy of a further reply. So there you have it. In the absence of any further information, it would seem to be a case of having a go and seeing how you get on.

Unexpired Clubcard vouchers - a change in policy

On a related note, as of January 2012, Tesco is no longer willing to allow unexpired Clubcard vouchers to be converted back into points and reissued as part of your next batch of new vouchers. This process previously allowed customers to save up for larger rewards without having to worry about vouchers expiring. With this previously helpful practice now ceased, you should ensure you use your vouchers within the original two year validity period.

Spending Clubcard vouchers wisely

On another related note, I'm sure everyone knows that Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be redeemed for discounts off shopping in Tesco. However, that's really not the best way to use them.

If instead you redeem them for an offer from one of Tesco's partners, you can get up to four times more value than you would by using them at the checkout. You can search the current range of Clubcard deals online at Tesco's web site.

Also, if you haven't yet been tempted by Tesco's home delivery service, you might find it an easier way to do your supermarket shopping. It's nice to let someone else do the fetching and carrying once in a while!

Related forum thread - have you lost out or managed to get your vouchers replaced? Share your experiences, tips and opinions with other forum members.

Captain Consumer, 11 Nov 2005. Last updated 24 Jan 2012.

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